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Jun. 25th, 2008

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Ok, so I realized why I am having a hard time losing weight.  I'm not eating enough and thats because I have been really slacking when it comes to tracking what I have been eating.  When you don't eat enough your body goes into starvation mode and anything that you take in gets stored as fat, hence weight gain.  I noticed last night that I have been going under my alotted pointed per day by 10-12 points which is pretty significant and up until last Thursday I was busting my butt with tons and tons of exercise.  I was walking for about 40 minutes in the morning and maybe a half an hour at night.  So here I am burning a ton of calories and I'm not replacing enough.  No wonder I gained 3 pounds last week! 

Eating these extra points is easier said than done for me.  I have a real fear of gaining weight and a real fear of failure which ultimately leads to me sabotaging myself.  I have been doing weight watchers long enough to know that if you don't eat enough that you WILL gain weight, but theres always that nagging voice inside of me that says "Oh what do they know?  Everyone knows that you need to restrict to lose weight.  Don't eat those points!" and I don't.  I totally convince myself that I am fine.

When I was in high school my health teacher used to have us write little goals for the day on these tiny slips of paper and put them in a basket on his desk.  Granted, said teacher was a complete and utter perv who I still cringe at the thought of, I think he might be on to something.  Everyday I need to come up with some kind of goal to accomplish by bedtime, and when I do accomplish it, its one victory on the road to fitting into these pants and getting heathy.

Today my goal is to eat my points tonight!  

Jun. 24th, 2008

The First Post

Well here it is, the first post in this journal.  If you haven't read the info for this, this is my weightloss journal.  I have been carrying around some extra weight around quite some time now and I have decided that it needs to go.  In 20003 I joined weight watchers, lost 25 pounds, gained most back, lost about 20 pounds, got pregnant, gained 54 pounds and lost most of that and started to put more weight back on.

To motivate myself, I went out today and bought a pair of 142.00 jeans and I WILL wear them, theres no bones about it.  142.00 is nothing to sneeze at.  I am going to continue on the weight watchers path and I will not only track in a hard journal and etools, but I will also track in this journal.  I will also track my exercise as well. This journal will also be used to track progress in the form of weigh in updates, pictures, and hopefully measurements.  Also, expect to see my thoughts, goals, opinions and frustrations here as well.

So today besides taking this step what did I do?

Well for exercise I walked around Sewickley which is where I bought my jeans.  That took a lot of guts because I felt like a huge slob walking into a store that carried sizes much smaller than what I wear.

Here is what I ate:

granola bar- 2pts
low fat cabot cheese- 1pt

non fat honey latte 4pts
biscotti 3pts

english muffin pizza 4pts

baked pierogies 6pts


2c honey dew 2pts

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